Phase 1: Joke Around with Dogasaur Phase

Phase 2: Chill and Hold with Dogasaur

Phase 3: Conquer with Dogasaur Memes

Expect the unexpected with $Dogasaur thrilling journey ahead! Our roadmap
offers a glimpse of the adventure, but hold on tight for surprises and twists along the way.

Phase 1

Launch $DOGASAUR as the ultimate meme token that takes the internet by storm
CoinGecko/Coinmarketcap Listings
Create hilarious Dogasaur memes and viral content that capture the imagination of the masses
10,000+ Holders

Phase 2

Introduce staking and yield farming opportunities that incentivize HODLers to earn more tokens while they wait for the moon
Partner with major brands and influencers to create Dogasaur-branded products and experiences that capture the hearts and wallets of consumers.
CEX Listings
100,000+ Holders

Phase 3

Webshop payment integration
Use the power of memes to take over the world of crypto and beyond
Launch a Dogasaur-themed NFT marketplace
T1 Exchange Listings
500,000+ Holders
Meme revolution